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Announcement of our new identity

2020 has brought its share of upheavals and demanded an incredible capacity for adaptation.

It was not, of course, an easy year for the foundation, which saw all its fundraising events cancelled due to the pandemic. Despite the ups and downs, we continue to exist, and are looking forward to our comeback!

In light of these challenges, we are proud to present a new visual identity and a revamped logo for the foundation, created in collaboration with Dju Design. Warm colours make reference to a head-house that represents our own inner worlds, an asterisk that testifies to the uniqueness and complexity of our minds, but also the beauty. No matter how bad our mental health, we are unique, different, original. It’s up to each of us to find the qualities in ourselves an that motivate and inspire us.

In addition, a brand new team is taking the reins to make the foundation grow and shine throughout Quebec.

Having worked for 3 years on the foundation’s board of directors, Michel Quintal will take over the reins as general manager. Co-founder of Piknic Électronik and Igloofest, Michel is recognized for his talents as a strategist and visionary. A master of the art of sponsorship and marketing, he also has a background in advertising and psychology. It is with enthusiasm and conviction that he takes on his new role.

Following her almost 10 years at the helm of the foundation, Sylvie Lauzon will remain a project manager with the team and continues to share all her invaluable knowledge and skills to advance the cause.

To complete the team, Josiane Lapointe has taken charge of operations, while Émilie Tourigny-Brouillette will act as an executive assistant. An outstanding and complementary quartet motivated to accomplish great things!

We sincerely hope that you will continue to contribute to the Fondation les petits trésors to support families, research, clinical care and awareness around mental health and autism.

Together we can improve the lives of hundreds of young people and their families!

Together for better help: good news for respite in Quebec!

The Fondation les petits trésors and the Fondation de l’autisme are pleased to announce that they are joining forces!

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